Holistic Heart

When We Take It To Heart

When something happens in our life and we take it to heart, the energy of the event stays with us!

Like a blueberry stain on a white blouse…  eventually shoved to the bottom of the laundry basket, out of sight and forgotten…

It lingers in our subconscious mind.

Be it energy from…
  • The environment we were raised in…
  • Our Innocent trusting heart let down…
  • Heartache from a love experience…
  • Bullying, favoritism, competition…
  • Or a multitude of other reasons…

It all boils down to how we are left feeling and believing about ourselves.

Our Shrouded Heart

Like a wet blanket thrown over us…

Our…  Self-Esteem…  Self-Love…  Self-Confidence…  Self-Image…

What we believe we can do in life… Even our day-to-day life is affected.

  • The energy has gotten to us
  • The energy stays with us even if we forget about it
  • We begin to see and make choices through the filter of these stored energies.
  • Our heart has become shrouded, causing us to close down a bit or alot.
  • Closing down is what we do when we are protecting ourselves from hurt, threat, heartache.

And all this affects our choices and what we close down to experiencing in our future.

Your Empowered Heart

Having the full support of your unshrouded heart is all powerful!

Because… Your Empowered Heart is Loving and Intelligent…  

It makes wise choices, & guides you to what is right for you.

It holds your unquestionable…
  • Self-Love and Authentic Expression
  • Self-Confidence and Belief
  • Esteemed Self-Image
  • Limitless possibilities
  • And lots of permission
  • And that’s just naming a few of its super-powers
And, that’s why I’m so passionate about healing our hearts…  getting that old energy moving and on its way…  so we can love and choose the life we desire to live!

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P.S. I have well over 20,000 hours of experience helping sensitive & intuitive individuals in all walks of life, as a Healer, Clairvoyant Reader, Intuitive Skills Development Instructor, & Holistic Movement Specialist.

Let's hear from Cathleen...

You are my favorite teacher ever! You have a way of communicating that works for my head, very detailed. I really enjoyed my time with you in intuitve studies and your advanced clairvoyant training program because you would make me practice, and practice. It really gave me confidence in my intuitive energy skills and reading abilities. You know, I just always felt very validated by you. You care so much!

Words from a gracious hostess

Despite being retired, my to-do lists are not retired! At times I am overwhelmed by them and paralyzed with indecision and doubt about where to begin. In my private sessions I’ve learned to make heart-centered decisions, and when I apply what I have learned I ALWAYS know where to begin. Through Linda’s coaching I’ve learned to focus on and connect with my heart. Then the magic happens — without overthinking.!