Holistic Balanced Movement for Sage-Age Women ~

  • Do you find yourself slowing down
  • unable to do things you used to do
  • stay balanced and steady on your feet
  • sitting on the sidelines not joining in?

Are you ready to regain some of what you had and amaze yourself with more than you expected?

It’s you time to awaken your body-wisdom & be confident in your balanced-movement

  • Learn the 3 magical ways to tap into your body’s natural pharmacopeia to relieve discomforts that can lead to pain, promote a positive healing environment, and generally make  your body feel good… real good!
  • Become adept at releasing stress that causes the body to take on weak and debilitating habits.
  • With the power of four, gently strengthen weakened areas of the body, and move with greater ease, comfort and power.

Join in Monday, Wednesday or Friday, (why not all?) at 1o – 12 noon PST.

After viewing my dance class, wide eyed and leaning on her cane, Muriel proudly informed me she couldn’t dance because her knees were bad.

My response to her was, come with me and we will strengthen them above and below. She was in my dance performance group for 5 seasons… Fast forward 9 years… and at age 90…

In a recent session Muriel told me… I am certain if I hadn’t started working with you my knees wouldn’t be working.

I am so happy with the improvement of my legs.  With your help and specialized training, I’ve strengthened my thighs, buttocks and hips.  It’s given me a sturdiness so that I can actually stride and I don’t have to use a cane.  ~ Lovely Muriel Mohn

Easy Ballet for Sage-Age Women ~

  • Do you have a love of dance and graceful movement
  • Have you considered ballet but feel your time has passed
  • Do you desire 

Empower your body with the practical strength building beauty of easy ballet.

This class is for those who want to express the beauty of their heart & soul through their well tuned body.

We work with the basics of ballet that give you strong feet, legs, hips and buttocks, a strong upright posture, and simple but beautiful connected movement and beautiful ballet lines. 

Classes starting in April on Thursdays at 1:30 – 3:00 pm PST

Linda’s class was a wonderful way for me to “find my body” again after not taking
dance for several years. Not only was it low-key and gentle, but it focused on
relaxation, body/muscle awareness, breathing and dance (simple “dance lite”).
What amazed me was how good Linda was as a teacher. Linda and I danced
together in the past but I had never taken any classes from her. As a teacher
myself, I am very critical of other’s teaching styles and I found no fault with Linda
as a teacher. In fact, I was completely impressed with her knowledge of
physiology and how to work with older bodies. I have been taking Pilates for
several years now and I am aware of how Pilates’ instructors work with older
bodies. Linda was equally skilled in this ability. In fact, during one of the classes,
Linda commented on my posture and how I needed to work on it giving me some
simple tips. That same week, I was told the same thing from my current Pilates’
instructor and my massage therapist. However, it was Linda who first discovered
it (on Zoom, no less) and told me.  ~ Lovely Lisa LoPresti Hupp, Teacher