Joining Heart & Hands ~ Circle of Support

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Regular course price $997 – NOW only $297 for a LIMITED TIME!
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Embark on a 5-week journey of Effortless Manifestation, where you will:

  • Seamlessly synchronize your energy with the aspirations of your intuitive heart
  • Cultivate an unshakeable faith in your capacity to attain your desires
  • Construct a potent, alluring energetic aura, fortified with abundant supportive energy
  • Gain access to practical tools and techniques to eliminate energy obstructions
  • Master the art of manifesting with simplicity and beyond

In addition to weekly Guidance Calls, you will receive weekly emails with short videos that will help you clear blocks so you can easily and effortlessly communicate with the Universe and manifest your desires.

>> MODULE ONE: Perfecting clear and effective co-creative communication with the universe

>> MODULE TWO: Building an unshakeable belief system

>> MODULE THREE: Harnessing your energy for constructive creativity

>> MODULE FOUR: Melting blocks to unleash your dormant dreams

>> MODULE FIVE: Key ingredients for Effortless Manifestation

Hi, I’m Linda DeNike, your guide for this five week course.

Linda S DeNike, a seasoned Energy Mentor & Manifestation Coach, is committed to empowering Sage-Age sensitive and intuitive individuals. She fosters their trust and confidence in heart-led decision making, honing their intuition, and aligning with their spiritual essence. Her guidance helps them unlock, comprehend, enhance, and utilize their unique talents and gifts, transforming their personal lives, businesses, and creative pursuits.

With an impressive track record of over 40 years and 20,000+ hours of hands-on experience, Linda specializes in energy work, helping individuals unleash their potential powerfully and effectively. She aids in the development of intuitive abilities, spiritual alignment, and energy flow management. Linda’s expertise lies in integrating practical, grounded, and heart-centered spirituality into the very fabric of her clients’ lives.