Client Voices...

Kind words they share about me.

I had a 1-on-1 session with Linda regarding my business when I relocated to New England after living in CA for 45 years.

The guidance she shared with me was spot on with what I was experiencing and the clarity I received was incredible. My business is back on track and thriving!

I most recently reached out to Linda for assistance on clearing my energy field.

I was getting ready to teach at a large conference and was feeling jittery and like I was ‘coming down’ with something. With Linda’s help I was able to release the energy and I immediately felt the results!

I highly recommend working with Linda, she’s truly the real deal!

~ Debi Livingston ~ Board Certified Hypnotist & Professional Intuitive Healer with an Abundance of Cosmis Amusement

“Your readings are simply incredible—they never fail to astound me with their accuracy. Your unique ability to convey information in a manner that deeply resonates with me, offering remarkable detail, has been immensely impactful.

I always looked forward with great anticipation to our reading sessions. Your insights not only helped me confront moments of self-doubt and confusion, but also provided the clarity I needed to navigate through my own narratives and emotions.

During my time in your advanced training program, you stood out as one of the most exceptional instructors I’ve ever had the privilege to learn from. Your unwavering support and guidance left a lasting impression on me.

The validation and genuine care you consistently extended to me did not go unnoticed. It’s evident that you invest so much of yourself into your work, and for that, I am truly grateful.”

~ Cathleen Hylton

Despite being retired, my to-do lists are not retired!

At times I am overwhelmed by them and paralyzed with indecision and doubt about where to begin.

In my private sessions I’ve learned to make heart-centered decisions, and when I apply what I have learned I ALWAYS know where to begin.

Through Linda’s coaching I’ve learned to focus on and connect with my heart.

Then the magic happens — without overthinking.

I can’t explain it, but it works!

~ Louise Weiler


“Diagnosed with MS 24 years ago, I keenly felt the impact of weather changes on the discomfort caused by the disease, affecting my pain level, energy, and overall well-being.

However, my life took a remarkable turn with Linda in the Energy Mastery Training Program. Through this transformative program,

I learned to harness and be more aware of my energy, striving for balance, grounding, and focusing on positive healing aspects.

This shift led to tangible benefits such as increased positive energy, reduced pain, and diminished reliance on pain medication.

These improvements are a direct result of practicing a positive mindset, heightened energy awareness, and daily incorporation of new techniques that profoundly benefit my everyday life. I am filled with deep gratitude for the invaluable guidance and support provided by my mentor.

The Energy Mastery Training Program has truly been a beacon of hope and transformation in all areas of my life.”

~ Avril Garner


I had an amazing session on manifestation.

It helped me to open up to accepting the things that I dream about and desire to manifest, not only enabling them to come through but allowing me to receive them.

So, if you want to manifest and receive, Linda is your go-to person.

By the way, between the session two days ago and today, I manifested two new clients.

Who knows what’s there for you!

~ Aneta Chencinski

“After a strenuous day spent tending to my patio plants, the physical toll was undeniable. My back and legs ached, and I found myself in considerable discomfort. In the past, I would have reached for Tylenol, but this time I chose a different path.

I decided to lay down and create a makeshift pillow using my sweater, engaging in the breathing exercises and techniques that I had been taught in the weekly group Holistic Connection session. For nearly 40 minutes, I immersed myself in these practices. When I finally rose, I was astounded. The stiffness and pain was entirely gone, leaving me feeling rejuvenated. Remarkably, this relief persisted not just that evening, but also in the following days.

The transformation was nothing short of amazing. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable guidance and support provided. Thank you so much for empowering me with these life-changing tools.” 

~ Sharon Quamen


“In our weekly group sessions, Holistic Connection, we engage in a transformative practice centered around the harmonious alignment of mind, body, and energy through conscious breathwork.

Our aim is to cultivate the habit of conscious deep breathing as an innate part of our being.

One of our participants, Bette, shared how this practice has profoundly enriched her daily life.

She has discovered the power of spontaneous deep breathing, utilizing it to alleviate moments of anxiety throughout the day and as a calming ritual before bedtime.

Bette attests that integrating conscious deep breathing into her routine has proven to be an invaluable and empowering tool, offering her immediate relief and peace in challenging moments.”

~ Bette Siegel


The Holistic Connection weekly group sessions that Linda offers have been enormously beneficial to me.
My focus has been on buidling a loving and responsive relationship with my 92 year old body.
When I experience minor aches and pains, I use her breathing techniques to eliminate their existence.
Also, I am retaining my balance and continuing to use my arthritic knees in walking with good posture due to what I’ve learned in her Energy Mastery training.
I’ve not only learned to dispose of old, debilitating energy and beliefs, I’ve learned to send my vital life-force energy throughout my body.
All of this results in a joyful, uplifting of my spirit from a grateful heart.



The biggest impact of Linda’s 1-on-1 Holistic Connection sessions for me has been learning to breathe.

I breathe for focus. I breathe for relaxation. I breathe for energy and for my body.

Breathing consciously, as Linda taught me, means everything becomes better and more aligned.

~ Nils Davis


Thank you for your sessions; they bring such joy. 

Your Holistic Artistry and Holistic Connection sessions have been a source of genuine delight, guiding me towards a deeper understanding of myself. 

Your individual care and attention to detail have made a profound impact on my journey. 

You are such a giving soul, and I am grateful for the warmth and wisdom you infuse into each session.

 ~ Lea Casini