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Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential: Inspiring Stories of Success

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Holistic Mind

Holistic Body

Holistic Heart

Holistic Mind ~ Intuitive Studies & Sage-Age Wisdom ~

For sensitive and intuitive individuals to learn about and master your energy for everyday practical needs. 

With program offerings such as…   How to Stop Overthinking & Get Into Action, Tune-Up Your Energy with Intro to Healing.

Learn the laws of manifestation in the Effortless Manifestation and put them to use in an… you got it…  effortless manner. 

Sensitive to energy… high intuition?  Learn more about those soul-sensitive abilities in the Your Intuitive Self!

Desire to Know?

Holistic Body Movement & Dance Ongoing Classes ~ 

Are you ready to unleash your sage-age body wisdom and transform your sage-age body performance? 

Attune with your body wisdom, acquire body strength, and balanced movement with ease in Balanced Movement for Sage-Age Women.

Empower your body for practical, everyday strength with the beauty of Easy Ballet for Sage-Age Women. 

Are you ready to express the beauty of their heart & soul through their well tuned body.

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Holistic Heart ~ Private 1-on-1 Sessions ~

Your Empowered Heart KNOWS, plain and simple! 
It is always there to intuitively guide you 
If you desire authenticity, confidence… HEART, passion and energy for what you do…  it’s all accessible through Your Empowered Heart…
LOVE is what I know! It am gifted to help you awaken your Divine Connection, and help you build a trusted pathway back there when you stray. Let’s build your path and clear your blocks in my ‘Your Empowered Heart’, one-on-one sessions.

Work With Me

I had a business reading with Linda DeNike when I relocated to New England after living in CA for 45 years. The information she shared with me was spot on with what I was experiencing and the clarity I received was incredible. My business is back on track and thriving! I recently reached out to Linda for an energy healing. I was getting ready to teach at a large conference and was feeling jittery and like I was ‘coming down’ with something. Linda was able to release the energy and I immediately felt the results! I highly recommend working with Linda, she’s truly the real deal!
Debi Livingston Boushey,
Board Certified Hypnotist and Certifying Trainer