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Inside the pages of Monetize Your Expertise: 14 Entrepreneur Success Stories About Making Money with Their Expertise and Knowledge, you’ll discover expert advice for transforming your mindset to clear long-held limiting beliefs, and a proven system you can implement to make your business more profitable than ever.

Meet Linda

Linda S DeNike, CH, helps the over-fifty crowd grow their confidence to be Savvy Standout Influencers who yearn to have Practical Spirituality at the core of their Business as well as their life, and have a fit body to boot.

She is a consulting hypnotist, consciousness coach and movement specialist. With over 40 years of experience instructing spiritual metaphysics and HypnoNRG™, as well as a background in dance performance and production, and healing movement, she brings her medley of talents together in her company, Holistic Mind & Movement.

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How Can Holistic Mind & Movement Help You?

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Linda's Mission

Linda’s mission, as it relates to her business Holistic Mind & Movement, is to help people build a strong relationship with their body and mind. One where they can tune into and tend to needs and respond in the moment.  Where they establish a relationship, not with the beliefs about aging, or appropriate behaviors that inhibit their true self-expression, but with their body, mind and soul and their awesome capabilities, when given care and attention.

It is helping people have an inner journey, one, to give their body the best life possible, and two, to help them experience a conscious soul connection.   And in so doing to discern inherited and learned beliefs that may be mis-guiding them. 

And why?